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Sure Surface Magic started out as a Franchise. About 30 Years ago I contacted them regarding opening a franchise in Western New York.

As I could see a bog need for it. The only other option back then was an insert which I knew back then was not idea a tub within a tub Anyway, I found out from them they were not not licensed back then in New York or California.

However, they granted me the right to use there name. As they informed me that they were not interested in those Areas.

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We are Creative and Use the Most Effective Techniques

Anyway, I was trained originally before that by a Nice Man in Florida who at that time was in business for 30+ years. After that I got further training on materials and creating our own.

He was doing that for over 30 Years as well. Personally I started out as the bondo man working on cars in the late 70's.

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30 Years of Experience in Bathroom Refinishing

Which is very similar to what I am doing today> So over the years I designed our own logo and experimented on different materials To bring you the best materials possible. I started out using epoxy.

But after a while switched to 2 part Urethane. As Urethane holds up so much nicer. We also do Acid Washing for a while now as well.

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